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Judith, a Personal and Spiritual Consultant uses her intuitive ability and counselling skills in answering questions of importance in her clients lives. She has been blessed with Clairvoyance (inner seeing), Clairaudiance (inner hearing) and Clairsentience (inner knowing, senses, feels, smells). A compassionate and positive reader, Judith helps explore and discover patterns of behaviour, which affect and effect the lives of her clients, helping them to find harmony and balance in life. The decision on what to do with the information is in the hands of the client. A Psychic since birth, her experience in life has instilled a deep desire to help others. We all have empowerment as long as we see things through love and acceptance. Lives can be changed. Being in touch with your inner guidance, intuition and passions can take you far in life. Many clients say they feel as though a healing has taken place after a reading. They can then move forward in life.

Judith was selected in 2000 to be on the panel of "Professional Psychics who Participate with The Edgar Cayce Institute for Intuitive Studies." She continues on in this capacity and is a member of "Edgar Cayce Association of Research & Enlightenment" in Virginia Beach."

Judith has followed her inner guidance, intuitions and passions throughout her lifetime as an:

Adult Educator - Employment/Personal Counsellor, Group Facilitator, Life Coach, Literacy up Grading; Artist - Musician, Writer; Business - Bookkeeper, Secretary; Dowser - Auras, Chakras, Water, Wells; Entrepreneur - Driver Readiness Training School, Julaine's Chalet (B&B) Tourist Home, Venture Inward Intuitive Psychic Services Inc.; Healing Modalities - Massage, Reflexology, Spiritual Counselling, Therapeutic Touch; Service - Landlady, School Bus Driver, Waitress.


Edgar Cayce Reading
from "Quiet Thoughts"

"For without the peace and harmony
in the inner self, with all the gains
life indeed is a failure." p.23

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